When our health declines, we are ill or we have irritants that enter the body, mucus or phlegm is produced in small or large amounts depending on the severity and the immunoglobulins (antibodies produced by your immune system) work hard to fight off these irritants.

This mucus gets expelled through coughing along with dead immune cells, the virus and/or bacteria it is fighting. It can be very bothersome to be constantly coughing but it is an indication that your body is doing its job, that it is fighting off the invaders or foreign elements. It is trying to clear the lung, nose or throat area after trapping the invaders into the mucus. Similar to a spider web that traps insects, the mucus traps the irritants or bacteria and then by coughing the body expells that mucus with all it has trapped out of the body.

When there is a very large amount of mucus or phlegm it is usually caused by a virus or bacteria infection like Influenza, Bronchitis or Pneumonia or severe irritants like chemicals, cigarette smoke. Yellowish or greenish mucus usually indicates an infection of some sort. It is a good idea to consult a doctor in this case.

The traditional treatment for a bacteria infection is antibiotics, and it often becomes necessary to take antibiotics when the condition has progressed to a point where the body can not handle the situation, but by taking antibiotics the natural balance of the body or the normal flora that exists in the intestinal tract gets disrupted, and it may result in damage to the mucus membranes. This may lead to a condition called “Candida”. After taking antibiotics it becomes important to rebuild this flora. I carry very good products for this and by testing my client I can determine how much is needed, if at all.


Aside from the usual irritants, many don’t realize that foods can act as an irritant when an individual develops a sensitivity to a specific food. Due to the fact that, nowadays, most of our food is processed and we are now dealing with more and more Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), meaning that the food’s genes were altered to withstand certain pesticides, increase the size or properties of it, more and more people are becoming sensitive to certain categories of foods.

The MOST popular categories are:



Avoid the above categories of food. Eating pineapple, oranges, grapefruits, and lemon have been shown to have beneficial effects. For veggies; asparagus, onions, cauliflower, celery and garlic can help eliminate mucus.

Drink lots of water, if you’re dehydrated your phlegm will thicken