Feeling Out of Sorts

Taken from Dr. Schulze’s “25 Ways to Prevent and Treat Colds & Flu”


There’s nothing wrong that you can really put your finger on, but this may mean that you’re about to get sick.  It also may mean that your body is fighting something off.  In either case, it’s a good time to give yourself some help and start Echinacea liquid or take Standard Process Echinacea C.

Very Important to get some C with the Echinacea as it needs it to activate it.  Not taking some C with the Echinacea will deplete your reserves and may cause some C deficiency.

If taking Liquid Echinacea; Take 2 dropperfuls  6 X times a day until you consume 2 oz.

This will take approximately 1 week.  Add Standard Process Cataplex C. Take 1 tablet each time you take the dropperfuls so 6 X a day as well.

If taking the Echinacea C from Standard Process, take 1 or 2 tablets daily for about a week.  Or you can come in to get tested on the dosage for your body


This is when you actually have some observable, clinical symptoms, like a sore throat, a fever, nasal or lung congestion, you’re coming down with a cold, or a wound, a trauma….

Liquid Echinecea; Take 1 dropperful every hour that you’re awake.

About 16 dropperfuls a day until you consume 2 oz

This will take about 4 days. Your immune system needs some help now, so it’s time to really power down with Echinacea.  Add some Standard Process Cataplex C. Take 1 tablets with each dropperful.

Echinacea C: Take 1 tablet every hour as above.  Continue for 3 or 4 days.


This is when all of a sudden you realize you’re sweating, you got chills, food poisoning, where you go Man! I am really sick.   Something that you think might put you in bed for a week or a month, or even a degenerative disease or any type of immune-depressive disorder.   Whatever, but you’re really ill.

There’s no time to waste, no fooling around, you need immediate aggressive herbal treatment that can save you days of agony.

Drink an entire 1oz of Echinacea tincture immediately.  Forget the dropperful now.  Take your 2oz bottle of Echinacea, pour half of it out into a shot glass, and knock it back.

OK, for those that might have a hard time doing this, it can be diluted with juice, or drunk a ½ oz one hour and a ½ oz another.

Now remember, Echinacea extracts are alcoholic, so you’re consuming an ounce of alcohol here, so don’t get in the car and drive.  And don’t forget to take the Cataplex C with it. you will take 6 tablets with each shot.

Continue with this Herbal Drink   (twice a day, 1 in morning, 1 in afternoon) until well.

1 oz Echinacea

½  oz SuperTonic

8 oz  Fresh Organic Apple Juice or Citrus Juice (with you own Juicer is best)

8 oz  Distilled water