jocelynJocelyne Gross is the founder of Health & Beauty Nutritionally, dba A Green Apple, a clinic in the LA area that delivers Nutritional Therapy.    She is trained in Nutrition Response TestingSM which is a very precise method of determining which organ needs support and assessing the individual nutritional needs for that organ for each client that walks in. No one is exactly the same and this method pinpoints exactly your specific needs.

Her philosophy is based on a belief and from her own experience that it is possible to eat delicious foods and keep optimum health.  No one needs to go hungry!  Or eat bland unappealing foods.   Her goal is to assist and coach anyone who is interested into a lifestyle that leads to a productive and fulfilling life right into an active old age.   Too many people find themselves with poor health or too tired to truly enjoy it when they finally reach a hard earn goal, if they even make it there.  Let her guide you through all the falsehoods and misconceptions regarding healthy foods to what our ancestors knew to be necessary for health.  In our fast pace modern world we have lost their wisdom regarding food.   Regain that wisdom and know how to maneuver through the sea of food choices modern life offers.

She is also the proud mother of 4 children and has spent a good part of her life practicing a more traditional ideal of health and nutrition while raising and home schooling her children.   She has kept herself looking young and with all the stamina required to raise a family, work and then eventually get herself trained into becoming a Nutritional Therapist and later to deliver Nutrition Response TestingSM.

You are invited to come in and follow her lead to a healthier you!!