21 day detox – $499 our most popular program!

Ready to eliminate toxins, lose weight, and feel healthy and energized? Our popular 21 day detox program is just the boost you may be needing to get back in alignment with you and your health!

  • Price is payable up front or in payments and includes exams, daily email correspondance, recipes, and nutrition guidelines on what to eat.
  • Find out your level of toxicity and eliminate fat cells in the body
  • Program includes the supplements and special drinks.
  • Lose weight.
  • Feel more energy, think clearly, and dump toxins that have been stored in the body.

10 Day Blood Sugar Regulation – $300

If you’re always craving sugar, or having frequent crashes throughout the day our blood sugar regulation program is just for you. Patients who experience this program report sustained energy throughout the day, better focus and feeling happier and more balanced overall. This 10 day program is easy to follow and will have you feeling energy that lasts!

Who is this best for?

  • You’re always craving sugar and want to stop the cravings.
  • Your energy crashes and you need frequent pick me ups.
  • You need coffee or sweets to get through the day and reach for them more than you’d like to.
  • You want to feel natural, energy that lasts throughout the day.

10 Day Female Vitality Program – $300

Our bodies are very intricate, and with so many things affecting our bodies and hormone levels, it can be challenging to feel balanced. Our Female Vitality Program can help you get your body back on track, and ease the effects of aging, and the constant stressors we face throughout the day.

Contact us if you’re going through any of the following

  • Problems with intercourse.
  • Period irregularity.
  • Early onset of menopause.

10 Day Male Vitality Program – $300

Men, just as women can be suffering from internal imbalances and benefit greatly from treatment. We will do muscle testing, and provide special supplements and treatments to get your body back on track and regular again.

Contact us if you’re experiencing any of the following

  • Not feeling balanced or at your best
  • Potency issues
  • Prostate issues
  • Low Libido

Call us today to schedule your free consultation or use our online consultation form for more info. We’re looking forward to treating you today.